This photo [c. 1950] belongs to Mrs. Tuckwood. Although the picture was taken just outside the Long Bennington Parish boundry, at the bottom of Valley Lane, [see map below] all the men in it lived in Long Bennington. It shows the limestone quarry at the bottom of the Valley, which is now a wildlife trust site.

The men in the picture are from left to right George Burrows, Owen Henderson, George Henderson, John Henderson, Bill Kirton (Mrs. Tuckwood’s father) and Tom Barnet.


John Abbott thinks that the whole site was no more than 300 yards square and the actual quarry considerably less than this. It is probable that all the stone was excavated with picks, shovels and and crowbars. The men had a winch of some sort to pull narrow guage railway trucks out of the quarry and up to a kiln. When the men had quarried the limestone it was burnt in an the on-site kiln to produce lime. It operated from about 1900 to the late 1950s or early 1960s.