This photo has been loaned by Hazel Tebb, via John Abbott, and shows the pupils and staff of Long Bennington School in 1962.

To the best of Hazel's knowledge the names [from left to right] are as follows.


Back row Tony Johnson, Douglas Smith, Len Fairhall, Denis White, Richard Tebb, Paul Harwin, David Lemon, Peter Chandler, Glenn Rick, Fred Elner, Robin Coomber, Martin Jenkins, Howard Drury, Paul Bailey, Robin Drury, John Webster, Paul Claricoates, Robert Loveless, Peter Ablewhite, Barrie Witcomb, John Bish, Colin Hewitt and Ian Spicer.

Third row  Rosemary Dring, Jill Fairhall, Carol Faulkner, ?, Sharron Boddy, Christine Baggaley, Janet Brunt, Anne King, Nadia Wedesch, Maria Nallywaika, Pad Bradley, ?, Josephine Higgins, ?, Jane Bass, Margaret Harwin, Mary Dring, Hannah Buxton, Linda Farrar, Diana Rick, Susan Chandler, ?, ?, ?, and ?.

Second row   Lorraine Philby, Jill Wedesch, Ann Sentance, ?, Wendy Spicer, Linda Wadkin, Ann Fairhall, Jean Bish, Marion Dring, Miss Boor, Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, Linda Humphreys, Janet Wedesch, Susan Harwin, Susan Lemmon, Joyce winter, Linda Bailey, Pamela Johnson, Dororthy Ablewhite, ?, Pamela Mann and Rosemary Joynes.

Front row  Tony Ablewhite, John Griffins, Richard Renshaw, Nigel Philby, Barry Hunt, Alastair Griffins, David Joynes, Clive Potts and ?. 


Perhaps other people can fill in the missing names and correct any which have been wrongly spelt.