The photos below, supplied by John Abbott, are of a drilling rig being used in the early 1950s to find water in a field virtually opposite Valley Lane Cottages [some times called Bedlam Row and shown here before modernisation] at the extreme edge of LB parish down Valley Lane near the county border.


Eventually water was found and several weeks were spent pumping it, to prove it was worthwhile connecting. During this operation fuel was being collected from a fuel store, which was just a wooden hut, to top up the pumping engines, and a paraffin lamp was knocked over causing the building to catch fire.

When pumping resumed several people were invited to the site to taste the water. One of these was Mrs Kenworthy (Nen) [who lived at 33 Main Road and ran Kenworthy’s garage] who was being very cautious and took a bottle of whisky to kill any bugs.

John doesn't know who paid for the drilling but remembers a pipeline being brought up the Valley into the village (LB) and then across the river to a reservoir at Normanton. He's not sure how long the water was used for but doesn't think it was many years. Mrs Bowes remembers the water sometimes having a taint of sulpher.