Newark Herald (8th February 1919)

PUBLIC MEETING.  A public meeting, convened by the Parish Council to consider the question of raising a suitable memorial to the local men who have fallen in the war, was held in the school on Friday evening last.  There was a very good attendance.  Mr. A. D. Younghusband, J.P., was voted to the chair, and briefly explained the object of the meeting.  A resolution in favour of raising a memorial in the village by public subscription was then passed unanimously, after which the chairman asked for suggestions from those present as to the form the memorial should take.  Various suggestions were put forward by different persons and these were all taken note of.  A committee was next chosen to consider the schemes suggested, to estimate the probable cost of each, and to bring the results of their deliberations before another public meeting to be held as soon as possible.  The following were chosen on the committee:-Mr. A. D. Younghusband (chairman), Mrs. R. Whittaker and Mrs. G. H. Kirton, the Vicar (Rev. W. Foster Smith), Messrs. W. B. Bingham, F. Winter, A. Whittaker, J. Rippin, R. Mills, H. Martin, and C. Chalk.

Newark Herald (1st March 1919)

PROPOSED WAR MEMORIAL – The committee appointed at the previous public meeting having met and considered the various suggestions as to the form of the memorial to be erected to the memory of the local men who have fallen in the war, a second public meeting was held in the school on Friday evening last to receive their report.  There was again a good attendance.  Mr. A. D. Younghusband, J.P., occupied the chair, and said that after due consideration the committee, although not quite unanimously, had come to the conclusion that they would best be interpreting the wishes of the relatives of the fallen men by recommending that a monument of polished granite be erected in the centre of the village.  (This was one of the nine proposals put forward at the first public meeting).  The cost, with fixing, was estimated at £250, and might be more.  Mr. A. Whittaker proposed, and Mr. C. Chalk seconded, that the committee’s recommendation be adopted.  An amendment that a stained glass window be place in the parish church met with little support, and the committee’s recommendation was carried by a big majority.  The chairman then said that the next thing would be to open a subscription list so as to find out whether the money for the monument could be raised.  If the amount subscribed fell short of what was required a further public meeting would have to be convened, and some less ambitious form of memorial considered.

Newark Herald (15th November 1919)

PROPOSED WAR MEMORIAL – A meeting of subscribers to the proposed war memorial was held in St. James’s Hall on Thursday evening last, about forty persons being present.  Mr. A. D. Younghusband J.P., occupied the chair, and, on behalf of the Committee, gave a statement of what had been done since the last meeting.  This showed that £183. 9s. 6d. had been received in subscriptions, the number of subscribers being upwards of 200.  An estimate for a column in white stone from the Darley Dale quarries had been obtained from Messrs. Thomas Long and Son,  Nottingham.  The column, which would cost £175, stands 7ft high, is 18ins. square, and has panels suitable for a general inscription and the names of the fallen men.  A proposition in favour of a granite column was put to the meeting, but was defeated, the majority of those present feeling that the cost would be prohibitive.  A further proposition approving of the steps that have been already taken, and authorising the Committee to proceed with the monument and with the laying out of the ground was then carried, and the meeting terminated.  It may be mentioned that it is not anticipated that any part of the money obtained in subscriptions will be used in preparing the site.  The funds for this are to be obtained in other ways.

Newark Herald (24th July 1920)

GARDEN FETE – On Thursday week a garden fete was held in the Manor grounds, in aid of the War Memorial Ground Fund.  Lady Dallas, of Allington, performed the opening ceremony, after which the various competitions were soon in full swing.  These included disc throwing (ladies and open), bowling (boys), skittles (for pig), bowling (for pig), dart throwing, sand bag throwing, guessing number of currants in a cake, and guessing the amount of money taken at the gate.  All realised satisfactory sums.  A gift stall, under the management of Mrs. R. Whittaker and Mrs. T. Baggaley, brought in over £14, whilst between £8 and £9 was taken at the two concerts, the items at which were given by a party of ladies and gentlemen from Newark.  The tea and refreshments were capably managed by members of the Women’s Institute.  The Balderton String Band was present and gave various selections besides playing for dancing in the evening.  The proceeds amounted to well over £100.  The promoters wish to thank all who in any way assisted in making the fete such a success.  Fortunately, after a showery morning, the weather improved, and it is estimated that at one time or another about 700 people were present.