These photographs were loaned to John Abbott by Mrs Gay Baggaley and they show the destruction caused when a lorry crashed into her husband's butchers shop in 1958.


The first photo shows the lorry embedded in the shop with Bob Drury on the roof and George Dawson on the ladder with Frank Newton standing on the rubble. The lads supervising are, facing the camera Timothy Ballard, side on to the camera Malcolm Fryer and behind him David Newton.The others are unknown.




The second photo shows Jack Baggaley surveying the scene the next morning and already open for business.

When the lorry hit Jack was inside with a customer and her baby was in a pram outside. The pram was overturned but thankfully the baby was unharmed.
The Shop is now [2005] the newsagents on the corner of Valley Lane.

[The shop prior to the accident]