The next three photos have been loaned by Mr Jack Holmes via John Abbott. They show the Long Bennington branch of The Royal British Legion parading in Grantham in the mid 1930s. The first two photos shows the members lined up in one of the parks in Grantham, possibly Wyndham Park.


The members came not only from Long Benningon but also the surrounding area. Jack Holmes's father, Mr George W Holmes, was the treasurer and used to tour the area enlisting new members.



 The members used to meet regularly in the reading room of St James Hall. The second photo shows the names of some of the people we have managed to identify. Of course we are open to additions and corrections.

 The picture of the men and women marching [below] shows them in front of the Grantham Guildhall near the statue of The Hon Frederick Tollemache.




The attached document has been loaned by Mr. Dennis Andrews via John Abbott.

It shows the date when the Long Bennington and District Branch of the British Legion was formed and registered, namely 1st December 1931.