The attached photo was loaned to John Abbott by Mrs.Susan Edwards (nee Seymour). She thinks it shows the opening of Woods Close at Long Bennington in the 1960s with some of the first residents.


After asking around we think we can name some of the people in the photo as follows.

 Back row from left to right.

?, Pete Burton, ?,?, Mrs Annie Fenton, Mrs Elsie Dixon (nee Seymour,Susan's aunt), Mr Tony Hodgson, Mrs.Elsie Hodgson (Warden) , Rev Hunt, Mrs Hunt, ?.

 Front row

Mrs. Phillips, Mr.Phillips, Mrs Clayton, Mrs.Mary Seymour (Susan's grandmother), Miss Markwell, Miss Hose.

 [Mrs.Dixon appears as a young girl on the photo of the Seymour family on Costa Row, seated on the horse drawn wagon. Mr and Mrs Phillips were the parents of Herbert Phillips, who was one of Long Bennington's casulties of WWII.]