David Evans supplied this photo which shows Priory House when the roof-line was still crenellated. He gives the following information:

"This was the home of my great-grandparents, Joseph and Mary Wilkinson in the middle 1800's. Joseph was born at Tattershall in about 1813. My grand-father, Henry Elisha Wilkinson was born in the house on 27 August 1854 and my great-uncle, Joseph Henry Jackson Camac Wilkinson on 12 November 1852. The 1861 census reports Joseph Wilkinson as being a "Farmer with 190acres employing 3 labourers and a boy" although he puts down his occupation on other documents as "farmer and rail contractor" or just "rail contractor". In fact Brunel [the great engineer of the 19th century] is reputed to have stayed at The Priory and fallen out of a tree into the duck pond!"

Priory House was later home to Mr. Younghusband.