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Update 9 March 2017 Footpads-Kings and Highwaymen on the A1”.   

A talk given on February 27th

Update 13 March 2017  

A Review of Long Bennington and Foston Parish News from 1898 to 1916

Update 12 May 2017  

A programme dated 30th October 1989. The document relates to the formal opening of the new village hall by Princess Anne

Updated 29 April 2018

from our Society’s reporter- Jim Barnabas. Jim writes reports on all of our meetings. Sometimes-for instance when they marginally exceed 250 words, the maximum allowed by the editor- they fail to appear in the LB Parish News. So here are 3 that were too long.

I have been given a couple of really excellent framed aerial photos of Long Bennington and I hope that eventually they will be hung in the Village Hall where everyone can see and enjoy them.

Updated 3 July 2018

From John Jeffries - Long Bennington Church of England School – 1957 -1961

Updated 12 January 2019

2019 Programme