Long Bennington Church of England School – 1957 -1961

Mr F R Crouch was the headmaster from June 1957 to 1961 and during this time his wife, Mrs Crouch, taught the 7-8 year-olds. The daughter of Mr and Mrs Crouch – Jane has kindly provided the photographs and information in this article.

Here is  a picture of the staff with Mr and Mrs Crouch at the back. At the front, wearing the dark dress is Miss Bloor who lived in the village at Bryn Cottage on Main Road. Margaret Drabble the famous author frequently came to stay with Miss Bloor who was her aunt.

The top photo is of the staff at the time of the Harvest Festival. In the middle are Mrs Crouch’s class of 7-8 year olds. What an advert for Start-rite sandals!  Alison and Linda Wadkin are in there. The lower picture is of Mr Crouch with the top class.

The middle top row photo shows the school buildings in June 1957. The reception class was taught by Miss Bloor in the wooden hut on the right. The rest of the pictures were taken on May Day 1961 when Kathryn Hoyles was crowned May Queen.


Photos in the middle and on the right hand side are  Sports Day 1959.Top left is Class III December 1960 .Middle left is  Christmas Party Day 1960. Bottom left was the School visit to the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the Thames with Mr and Mrs Crouch in 1959.

Finally here is the whole school. The staff are [ from centre front] Mrs Crouch, Miss Bloor, Miss Bowins, Mr Crouch. We can see that there are children beyond primary school age still  being educated at Long Bennington Church of England School. Soon after this photograph was taken many of  the senior children were transferred to the new Earlesfield  Secondary Modern School in Grantham.